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Prompt Gas Heating Maintenance and Affordable Heat Pumps

Preparing for a cold winter is easy when you work with Fortune's Climate Control in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Homeowners and small businesses depend on us to check their gas heating and heat pumps systems every year. Call today to schedule your heating service or free equipment replacement estimate.

Thorough Routine

Fortune's Air Conditioning and Heating suggests that you have your heating system checked at least once a year. Most units last from 12 to 15 years. You'll receive a one-year warranty on repair parts and our team's labor when you schedule repairs and installations. Most unit replacements come with a manufacturer's warranty up to 10 years, which varies by product. Our team does all of the following when we visit:

• Cllean the burners and pilot  for Highest Efficiency • Test safety controls and heating operation of the system • Examine the heat exchangers for cracks or rust    • Check Air Filters

Every Component Served

In addition to evaluating, repairing, and maintaining heating systems, Fortune's Air Conditioning and Heating offers services for heat pumps. When we check your heat pump, we'll do all of the following:

• Check the Refrigerant
• Test the Defrost Controls
• Clean the Outdoor Coils
• Check the Electric Heat
• Tighten the Electrical Connections

• Test the Safety Controls

Contact us today to schedule maintenance for your gas heating systems, or to browse our selection of gas units and heat pumps.

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